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Motor Source Group & Federation Discount Vehilce Schemes

There are a number of new vehicles via the motor source group available to Federation members. This month there are even more offers just for emergency services with the motor source group Click here to view information on them.

Overtime - Champions League

We are receiving lots of queries in relation to what officers can claim in relation to the Champions league and I am hoping that what I have put together is helpful to you.

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Vauxhall Partners Programme


Start taking advantage of Vauxhall Partners benefits by signing up today at

Are you paying more tax than necessary?


You may be entitled to a tax refund…

Hundreds of Federation members have had money back after using the service provided by tax experts at The Tax Refund Company. The average refund is £173.

  • For every £1 they get back for you, you keep 62p (min fee £38*)
  • If you do not get a refund, this service will cost nothing
  • You will keep any money you save in the future where you receive a new tax code
  • Dog handlers in particular are frequently found to have paid too much tax

You should not assume HMRC will send you a refund if you have overpaid tax. It is up to you to check if you have paid too much.

To see if you’re due a refund visit click on this link and vist our website

Super Break May 2017 Deal

The Police Treatment Centres

How to look after yourself when wearing body armour

Body armour is often blamed for back & neck pain, but there are multiple factors that can play a role. Physiotherapists at the Police Treatment Centres to help you look after your body whilst wearing body armour.

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FENTANYL - Know the dangers, save your life.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid first discovered in 1959 and it’s primary use has been as an anesthetic.

For a number of years fentanyl is known to have been added to heroin and the potent combination has been responsible for many overdoses in the US and Canada.

Fentanyl can be obtained on prescription in the UK and is often used in the treatment of chronic pain in cancer sufferers. It can be prescribed in a number of forms including as a patch, tablet, lozenge and nasal spray.

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Police Pension Judgement and Review

The Employment Tribunal on judges’ pensions has been reported as a victory. But who wins? Andy Fittes, PFEW General Secretary, said today: “The ET ruling was on a narrow part of pension legislation, and ruled against a provision that unions across the public sector had fought for. The PFEW believes that the success of this challenge could have unintended consequences to the detriment of public sector workers.” Read More

Police Officer Assualts - Not Part of the Job!

A seven-point plan setting out how police officers and staff should be treated if assaulted while on duty has now been signed-off by the Force.
The plan follows an initiative first launched in Hampshire following a campaign by its Federation branch.
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Police Insure

Public Show Support for Officers Carrying Taser

The public have shown their support for police officers having access to Taser, dispelling the myth that it erodes community policing or the British model of policing by consent. A survey, commissioned by the Police Federation of England and Wales, has shown 71% of respondents consider it acceptable for police officers to carry Taser when on patrol.
Four out of five surveyed said it would make no difference to their decision, or they would be more likely, to approach an officer for assistance if they were carrying a Taser. In addition, 89% said forces should be allowed to train and equip officers if the use of Taser is automatically recorded by Body Worn Video.
Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “We know officers support the use of Taser and Body Worn Video, and now we have the evidence that shows the public do as well.” Read More

December 2016 & January 2017 Police Federation Magazine

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Believe in Blue - Thunderclap

Be part of something special this Christmas

This Christmas you are being encouraged to take part in an online flash mob as a way of promoting the incredible job you do all-year round. While the vast majority of the general public will be swapping presents and tucking into their turkey on 25 December, many of you at South Wales Police will instead be away from your friends and families and potentially putting your lives on the line to keep our communities safe. As part of the Police Federation’s ongoing Believe in Blue campaign to raise awareness of the hugely valuable role that you carry out, please join and share our Thunderclap now to highlight your efforts at this particular time of year.

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Do you want to Save Money on your everyday health and household expenses?

For more information call or text you HSF Account Executive Heather Phipps on 07967 171 692 or email Heather Phipps

Does HMRC have some of your money?

Over 60% of Police Federation members have been given the wrong tax code by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) at some time in the last 4 years. As a result they will have paid too much tax without realising, with many still paying too much right now!

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Howells Solicitors

Matrimonial Surgeries with Howells Solicitors

New dates have now been secured for our free surgeries with Howells Solicitors. If you have any matrimonial issues that you'd like to discuss in a confidential setting, contact the office to make an appointment.

Surgery Dates 2017

6th Jan
3rd Feb
3rd Mar
7th Apr
5th May
2nd June
7th July
4th Aug
1st Sep
6th Oct
3rd Nov
1st Dec

Click here to visit the Howells Solicitors web site

New from The Police Rehabilitation Centre

Please be aware that with immediate effect all serving officers will be required to show their warrant card on arrival. This is to enhance our security procedures & to also ensure the eligibility of those patients arriving. All serving officers will now be require to sign their application form with the amended details. To read the full Article Please click here

SWP Federation's Football Tickets

The South Wales Federation has again purchased 2 season tickets for both Swansea City FC and Cardiff City FC. These tickets will be made available for every home game of the season and will be offered intially to those who have a serious welfare consideration. If you have such a consideration, or know someone who has, please submit the details of the circumstances to your divisional rep who will forward them to the office for consideration.

If there are no officers with Welfare issues registered for the game, names will be drawn at random for those who have registered


Believe in Blue Campaign

Every day, a new challenge.

But one thing remains constant; we work hard each day to protect the communities we serve.

Allowing you to go about your everyday, safe in the knowledge that whatever happens, the police service has got your back.

It can mean wearing many hats as we’re trained to do, but that’s just part of our duty to you.

For us, duty is just the beginning.

Click here to visit the Believe in Blue web site

New Federation H&S App that you can Download

The Federation has now created a new app to assist you with H&S issues while on the move. The application is downloaded via your mobile phones, so you would need to go to the app store on your phone and search for the police federation app and then download it. You will then need to register yourself as a member and this will be available.

We're awaiting authority from the force to install the app on your new Samsung phones but we hope to get that soon. In the meantime, you can download it to your own phones without problem.

David Pendleton – Wealth Management Consultant

As a Wealth Management Consultant based in Swansea with 15 years experience in offering financial advice, I am able to assist in a wide variety of your financial needs.

My company offers you the highest level of advice on:

• Retirement Planning
• Investment Planning
• Protecting you and your family
• Mortgages, including Buy To Lets*

For further information and contact details please Click Here

*Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

David Pendleton DipPFS, Cert CII(MP)
43 Borough Road, Loughor, Swansea. SA4 6RT
Tel: 01792 893172 | Mobile: 07446 170853

Special Offer for Police at RCT Leisure Centres

Great deals on Alt-Berg Boots

To view the latest deals for Federation members on Alt-Berg boots, visit their dedicated federation site by clicking here. You can obtain the password required from the forum (under Member Services) or by ringing the office on 59-762.

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Our pension page

The Legal Challenge - an update by Steve Trigg, Chair, SWPF: There can be few officers affected by the changes to the CARE Pension scheme who have not been concerned that they have been subject to this change without prior consultation and, for most, contrary to their wishes.

The Police Federation of England and Wales has published an FAQ document and circulated their view that following legal advice there is no credible avenue to pursue a legal challenge against those changes.

As a result, a group of officers from GMP has organised their own challenge in conjunction with a London based law firm, Leigh Day.

On Monday 12th October, 2015 I travelled to London for a presentation from their QC, Keith Bryant, and the following is a summary of that meeting.

Please click to read more.....

This is where you can download the information on the 2015 CARE Pension Scheme including the full Regulations relating to its implementation, the member guide on its structure and the PFEW FAQ on how it will be implemented and affect you. There are also other documents which answer some of your questions including a FAQ on the issue of mis-selling and other documents originally released by the Home Office back in 2012.

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Red Arc

See how Red Arc can assist you if you're unfortunate enough to suffer from a serious illness

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