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Voice Mobile and EE offer a great all round package for your superfast 4G mobile phone requirements.  The EE network is now the largest network in the UK and their 4G coverage and speed is unrivalled.  4G is now available in our area. EE 4G users have been allocated plenty of spectrum meaning they will benefit from more speed in more areas.  It’s a bit like adding more speeds to a motorway and increasing the speed limit.  More capacity than any other network, which means EE can cope comfortably with more people using more data.

For any of the offers and other fantastic deals, please go to or call 0121 748 8467 from a mobile or 0800 0520 999 from a landline.  Please forward this email to your members and other police colleagues.  Our offers are also available for up to 10 friends and family. 

For these and other fantastic current offers please call 01217488467 or go to