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Pension Latest from the National General Secretary, Ian Rennie

Dear Colleagues

I am aware that due to the current political and financial situation there is much speculation in respect of both public sector and Police pensions; and that we are all receiving many enquiries from our members as to what the future holds. I can only reiterate what I said in my address to conference last month;

‘That there is much speculation about future attacks on public sector pensions and that the police service will not be immune. Police pensions are periodically reviewed and the next review, which we have known about for a number of years, will take place in April next year. One possible outcome could be a rise in contributions, but there are many others. Until we know the outcome of that review, there is little point in speculating, but Staff Side will continue to work to ensure a fair outcome of that review.’

Also, as yet it is unclear what impact any review of public sector pensions by the government will have on the review of police pensions next year.

I will keep you informed of any developments.


Ian Rennie
General Secretary
Police Federation of E&W
Federation House
Highbury Drive
Surrey KT22 7UY