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Transferred in Service and Transitional Arrangements

This has come out today. If you're not sure if you've transferred your old pension in, please contact Capita asap:

Update from the General Secretary.

After raising our concern, we have received some positive news from the Home Office today, that affects members who have accrued pension rights relating to other employments before joining the police.

If you are a member who has worked outside the police, then you may be able to transfer in those pension rights to your existing police pension scheme (PPS or NPPS). This may enable you to get transitional protection if you were not entitled to it before, or to get an improved level of transitional protection. This will benefit you financially.

If this applies to you, then you should contact your pension administrator as soon as possible. Although transfers in normally take about six weeks, and the original Home Office view (as per JBB Circular 2/2015) was that this process must be completed before a member moves into the new CARE 2015 scheme, we have secured an “amnesty” with the Home Office, so that members who started this process before their transitional date (usually 1st April 2015) will be able to have their transferred-in benefits count towards the assessment of the application of transitional protection in their existing police scheme. This will be the case whether or not the local force administrator has been able to complete the whole process before the transitional date, but you must have proof that you have started the process.

What to do next: if you believe you paid into a pension with another employer and you would like to know if it could count towards transitional/improved transitional protection, you should contact your pensions administrator immediately by email or letter. You should let them know that you are interested in transferring the benefits relating to your previous employment into your current police pension scheme.

Andy Fittes
General Secretary

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