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The More Card at Rhondda Cynon Taff

There have been recent developments regarding the corporate Gym Membership for the use of all the Sports Centres/swimming pools within the Rhondda Cynon Taff.  RCT have decided they will no longer take payment from employees wages but payment will be made from employees individual bank accounts by way of direct debit.  This has meant the tariff for the scheme is even cheaper than previously advertised and is now at the lowest possible price of £21.00 per month, per person. You can also cover your partner for the same price.

The monthly payment entitles users to access all the Sports Centres / swimming pools within RCT without having to pay any additional money.  This includes classes put on by the Centres (except 3rd party classes).  If interested please feel free to contact your sports centres for any additional information.

For those wishing to join the scheme please complete the application forms and direct debit mandate attached above and return to PC Julian Stevens at Ton Pentre Police Station. [Do not send to RCT].

As a result of the recent changes the scheme is open to a wider amount of individuals and now includes retired staff/officers and officers/staff from South Wales and Gwent Police.

  • The scheme is open to police officers and staff of South Wales Police and now also Gwent Police;
  • The scheme is now available to all retired police officers and staff of South Wales Police and Gwent Police;
  • partners of those individuals stated above are also eligible at the same reduced tariff (please note this is strictly partners only and the scheme does not allow for children/siblings etc, to join – I did try);
  • the scheme will be paid for utilising Direct Debit payments from each officer /staff member’s bank account (saves on admin fees);
  • payments will be taken for the individual and the partner from the main applicants bank account (i.e. one direct debit instruction per couple to be paid from the officer/staff – not partner’s bank account);
  • the cost per month is fixed for a one year contract from 1st October at £21.00 (this will most likely increase each year on year);
  • the Direct Debit requests will be made on the 2nd of each month for the cost of the previous month;
  • there will be opportunities every 3 months for people to join the 12 month scheme

As always please advertise the scheme to others who may be interested and this not only includes existing employees of South Wales Police but now includes Gwent Police employees and retired officers and staff of both Police Forces.

Included in the attachments are details of the scheme including the participating Sports Centres/swimming pools.