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Select Date Opponent Availability
19/08/17 V Manchester United available
09/09/17 V Newcastle United available
23/09/17 V Watford available
14/10/17 V Huddersfield Town available
21/10/17 V Leicester City available
04/11/17 V Brighton and Hove Albion available
25/11/17 V Bournemouth available
09/12/17 V West Bromwich Albion available
12/12/17 V Manchester City available
23/12/17 V Crystal Palace available
01/01/18 V Tottenham Hotspur available
20/01/18 V Liverpool available
30/01/18 V Arsenal available
10/02/18 V Burnley available
03/03/18 V West Ham United available
17/03/18 V Southampton available
14/04/18 V Everton available
28/04/18 V Chelsea available
13/05/18 V Stoke City available