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Here is your March issue of 5 Little Things. The newsletter exclusively for our police customers.

Feel Better Tablets

Both new and existing customers can now get their hands on some market leading tablets deals on EE - the UK’s leading 4G network. We couldn’t have made things simpler too for you to choose the plan just right for you.

It can be very confusing when selecting the right tablet plan to suit you or if your purchasing for a family member. There are various considerations like how much monthly data will you require? Am I better to pay more upfront and keep the monthly cost down or vice versa?

We have made the selection process a lot simpler for you by picking the top 4 tablets on the market (on Apple iOS or Android), offering 2 monthly price plans (with generous monthly data packages at either 10GB or a huge 20GB!) and an upfront charge of just £19.99 for all tablet deals – even the iPad Pro! So click here now to grab one of the deals now as all is due to end on April 30th!

New Samsung Galaxy Launch

We are set to launch an exclusive offer for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy device. Register your interest here and be the first to know when the phone is released, we’ll also send you some market-leading offers!

The EE-mergency Services Network

300,000 Emergency Services end users, including police, fire and rescue, and ambulance, are to benefit from nationwide 4G voice and data services for the first time. EE consumer and business customers will also benefit from expanded coverage and enhanced network reliability.

Phased transition of end users to new Emergency Services Network to begin in mid-2017 and a commitment to 98% geographic coverage (not just populations coverage) by the end of 2019. EE to invest in building more than 500 new 4G sites and deploying highly resilient new core system to deliver ground-breaking critical communications network. So what does this mean to all EE users? This means that EE customers will continue have access to the UK’s biggest, fastest and most reliable network.

A Face to the Friendly Voice

When calling into Voice Mobile, a lot of you will have been fortunate enough to have had a chat with our friendly switchboard receptionist, Meg. I am sure a lot of you will also watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Live show too. If this is the case, then you are sure to have seen Meg on the show.

Meg got married recently and went on the show to have a nice little surprise sprung upon her (and her husband, Jack) when Ant and Dec showed them some secret filming of their respective Stag and Hen parties. While Meg and Jack were enjoying their parties, little did they know that both set of parents were secretly sitting in the wings in disguise keeping a close eye on them and all was filmed by the hit Saturday night show. It was all worth it though as for being such good sports as both families won trips to Florida. Nice one, Meg!