Make the most of your vote : national chair elections

The election of the next national chair is a chance to shape the future of the Police Federation of England and Wales, says the chair of the South Wales branch.


Steve Treharne is encouraging members to have their say and to cast their vote.


“This is an opportunity for our members to select who they want to represent them on a national level,” said Steve.


“It’s an important moment and I’d encourage our members to have their say and shape the direction of travel for the Federation.


“Please take the time to read about the three candidates, find out what they’re standing for, and cast your vote.”


Members can choose from three candidates.Brian Booth is chair of the West Yorkshire Police Federation, Ché Donald is the national vice-chair, and Steve Hartshorn is a National Board member and firearms lead.


All three candidates have submitted an election statement.


Brian said: “I have the experience of running a large Federation already and a track record for delivering for members.”


Ché said: “I have come here to undertake a privileged role, drive us forward, and to deliver for police officers, that's my focus.”


Steve said: “I will be the national chair that listens and communicates effectively as a unified voice for the officers we represent.”


Voting is now open and closes at 11.59pm on Wednesday 30 March.


All Federation members are eligible to vote and will receive instructions on the process directly to their email inbox.


The person elected to the role will take up the post from 1 April.


Contact the Federation office if you have any questions about the election process.