Make a positive start to 2023 with the help of free factsheets

Police Mutual, which provides financial services and welfare support to the police service, has produced guides to Blue Monday and Dry January.

Blue Monday is the third Monday of January and is said to be the most depressing day of the year as the winter weather, the dark days and financial hangover from Christmas take a toll on people’s mental health.

While some people feel it’s made up, for others it’s real as the long winter continues to stretch out ahead of them.

The free guide provides ideas to combat the winter blues, including exercise, being sociable and setting realistic targets.

The Dry January guide, meanwhile, sets out how members can join the hundreds of thousands of other people across the country in giving up or reducing their alcohol consumption.

It highlights the health benefits of giving up the booze for a month including better sleep, weight loss and improved mental health – as well as the financial savings you can make.

South Wales Police Federation chair Steve Treharne said: “January can be a difficult time for a lot of people as the long nights and short days appear to drag on and the winter weather makes them want to hibernate as they face the financial fall-out from Christmas.

“These guides can help you make some simple lifestyle changes to improve your physical, mental and even financial wellbeing.

“Even if you’re not doing Dry January or believe in Blue Monday, there’ll be some tips in the factsheets that will help you to make a healthier and more positive start to 2023.”

Download the guides to Dry January and Blue Monday.