Information on Collapse of Monarch Airlines

We have received a number of queries following the announcement on the 2nd October that Monarch Airways have ceased trading and entered administration.

We have been in touch with insurers and the below is advice and guidance should you receive any queries from members regarding travel cover as part of the

Group Insurance Scheme.

  1. Does the Federation Group Insurance Scheme cover me in this situation?
    1. In common with most travel insurance policies there is no cover under the Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme for this situation. In the first instance members should contact the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to understand what they can claim back and what they are entitled too. They have a dedicated website
  2. I have booked a package holiday with Monarch?
    1. Package holidays with Monarch are part of the ATOL scheme administered by the CAA and you will be able to claim a refund under this scheme. Details on how to get a refund will be made available on the CAA website. They are aiming to complete this process before the end of 2017. You should not submit a claim until advised to do so on the CAA website
  3. I booked a flight prior to 14 December 2016 directly with First Aviation Ltd Trading as Monarch Airlines?
    1. Under these circumstances you should have received an ATOL Certificate stating that your flight is ATOL protected and you will receive a refund under this scheme. Details of making a claim will be on the CAA website
  4. I booked a flight after 14th December 2016?
    1. Under such circumstances you will not be ATOL protected and should contact your credit card issuer for a refund under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act if the purchase was for over £100. Some but not all debit cards may provide protection. You should check with your debit card provider if you paid using it.
  5. I booked a Monarch flight/holiday through another travel company or travel agent?
    1. In this scenario then you should contact them directly for advice. They should offer you a full refund or alternative holiday.
  6. I have independently booked car hire and accommodation
    1. There is no cover on the ATOL or group insurance scheme for such a scenario. If you have paid by credit or debit card then contact your card issuer for advice on a refund.

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