Chalet Availability and Booking

  • Please click here to View the price card for the Chalet's - Please note that the Weeks highlighted in Red you may only book for a week (7 days stay)
  • Please Note Bookings are restricted to one booking per person for a maximum of 7 days. If you are successful we will confirm your booking via email.
  • The calendar shows the availability for both Chalets and they are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Chalet 22 has priority for convalescent bookings
  • Bookings are Only taken for a (Week (7 days Friday - Friday) / Weekends (Friday - Monday) / Mid-Week (Monday -Friday)).
  • Availability : if you are looking for availability -
    • 7 day bookings - start on a Friday (Afternoon) and end on a Friday (Morning)
    • Weekends - start on a Friday (Afternoon) - end on a Monday (Morning)
    • Mid-Week - start on a Monday (Afternoon) - and end on a Friday (Morning)
    • Chalet 22 is highlighted in pink
    • Chalet 19 is in blue
    • If you can see a double booking on one day for a chalet, this shows that one booking is ending and one is starting

The booking enquiry form can be found by clicking here This is the only form you can use to enquire about booking. Please check the calendar below prior to making an enquiry, as the date you request may already be booked