Have your say in pay and morale survey

Members of South Wales Police Federation are being urged to take part in the 2021 Pay and Morale Survey before it closes at the end of the month.

The survey, organised by the Police Federation of England and Wales, aims to gain the views from officers on the frontline and the results will be used to support the Federation campaign for fairer pay for officers, as well as helping local branches in discussions with chief officers.

South Wales branch chair Steve Treharne said: “With policing under pressure like never before this survey is more important than ever and there is still time for our members to take part.

“Their views could be key to improving the way future pay and conditions are decided so I would strongly urge them all to take part and have their say.

“This year’s pay freeze was a real kick in the teeth to the brave men and women who helped protect our communities throughout the coronavirus pandemic and there was no doubt that this, among other things, had a massive negative impact on morale.

“That’s why it is really important that they can express their views in a constructive way and hopefully set the ball rolling as far as improvement to their future pay and conditions are concerned.”

The 2021 Pay and Morale Survey is being conducted by the Police Federation’s in-house research department, which plays a vital part in providing strategically important evidence to achieve better pay and conditions for members. The survey will close on 30 November. 

Members were sent a link to the survey to their Force email at the beginning of November.  Our reps will be reaching out to all supervisors in an effort to remind and encourage staff to complete this crucial piece of work. We need your help to help us, help you.