Police horses Louis and Chai take centre stage at National Police Memorial Day

Police horses Louis and Chai were some of the stars of the show at the National Police Memorial Day - but they also had important ceremonial and policing roles to fulfill.

The horses - part of the South Wales Police Mounted Section - took part in their first procession with the Force band to welcome people to the New Theatre in Cardiff on Sunday for the memorial day service.



They also provided a visible police presence at the event, which was attended by senior politicians including Wales’s First Minister Mark Drakeford, the Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Yvette Cooper, the Shadow Home Secretary, as well as by police officers from across the UK and the families, friends and colleagues of fallen officers.

But there was also plenty of time for people attending the service - and for passing members of the public - to have their photos taken with the horses and chat to their riders Hywel Lewis and Lisa Brown.


Hywel said: “It’s nice to be part of the procession with the band and the flag bearers and be part of the ceremonial side of things, but if anything was to happen we’re in a position to react quickly.

“People love the horses and they want to come and say hello.

“And we also get to meet colleagues from other forces and across the world. They’ve come from far and wide to be part of the day.”



Lisa said: “It’s a really special day to be part of.

“Everyone comes together to be part of it and to remember those we have lost over the years.”

She added: “It’s nice to have the photos with people of all ages, and to speak to them about what we do and for them to understand our role in the police.”

Louis and Chai

Louis and Chai were featured on the South Wales Police Dogs and Horses social media account after the event.

They said: “Lovely to meet so many colleagues from all around the world today at the National Police Memorial Day.

“PH Louis and Chai experienced their first procession with the Force band today. They did extremely well.”

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