Police Pension Benefit Statement information

Due to COVID-19 the Pension Regulator has extended the deadline and your new statement’s will be sent out from the Administrator between the 31st August 2020 and the 14th September 2020. Please note that the benefit statement is not a projection of benefits and is a tool to highlight data discrepancies to ensure accurate benefits on retirement .

Please check the following information on your statement, if any of the information is incorrect please notify the admin provider/authority via the e-mail address provided on the form.

  1. Date of Birth (Your DOB is linked to your commutation factor and therefore affects your lump sum on retirement).
  2. Pensionable Start Date (This date should include any transfers in to the Police Scheme from previous employment).
  3. Pensionable Salary (This Figure is calculated based on your average salary from the 1st April 2019 to the 31stMarch 2020 and not the salary you are currently on).
  4. Marital Status (This check is for certain insurances within the scheme and also to make sure there are no orders attached to the incorrect account).